Open a Hair Salon – Planning For Customer Loyalty

Creating strong relationships between stylists and customers may work best route to lasting customer loyalty. To carefully consider this, customers must be relatively assured that almost get the same stylist when they return. Keeping low employee turnover can be a first step and this can be accomplished by keeping your employees happy over the long-term. Offer a comfortable work environment, competitive salary, and bonuses based on performance to make your best staff feel appreciated. A visit system that allows buyers to reliably reserve the stylists they want is the second step.

Stylists might often remember regulars and their desired styles on their own, but encouraging them to document their clients to offer better service as they return can systematize these efforts. With barber shop allisto (customer relationship management) database system, the salon can use computers to support this work, making client information available to all team members. The CRM system can be used plan customer appointments proactively, by reminding customers when it is return through calls, postcards, or even automated postings.

At the same time as these strong connections between stylists and organization is encouraged, you must no pun intend pitfall of having a few superstar stylists who can’t handle all of their appointment requests. Not only will they be ready to demand higher and higher salaries and credibly threaten to break out their own, but you will miss sales when other stylist stations go unused.

Make sure all staff are consistently trained and find the skills and support they need to become customer favorites. However may still rise up to the top of the pack, if customers see that they get consistently high quality service no matter who they work with, they will learn to value the salon even when they can’t get their favorite.

Loyalty programs that encourage repeat visits through an extra program can be treasured. However, be careful to maintain the premium brand image of the firm. Customers who think the main reason head coming back is to get the tenth haircut free, might also be customers who would easily try the promotions from just a cheaper salon.Are you looking for more advice on starting a hair salon or develop your hair salon business plan? Call 877-BIZ-PLAN to learn how Growthink can help you build your hair salon business.