of the Most Famous Fictional Detectives of All Time

Hunting for clues, solving crime, spoiling the plans of evil doers and putting them behind bars, all this in a day’s become a detective. Their skills and talents have not necessarily made detectives famous but additionally the subject of many a fictional crime stories and novels.

Holmes never uttered the now famous quote ‘Elementary, my dear Watson’. However, he has said ‘Elementary!’ and ‘my dear Watson’ on several occasions, but has never mouthed 2 together.Most of our childhood memories are laced with the stories filled with thrills, spins, and excitement while reading Sherlock Holmes or Nancy Drew, or even watching cartoons and TV series of the same.Skills of these amazing detectives never ceased to amaze us. Their keen eye for the minutest details, linking a lot of tiny evidences to one another, and deducing every word, expression, and clue to the most unexpected of people behind the crime, always awestruck us.

detective agency in delhi is a really good consulting detective, who is significantly above the rest as it reaches to solving crimes, as he not only has exquisite logical reasoning, use of forensic sciences, and skill to adopt a variety of disguises, but he’s a practical and a rational man of science, even though he does not believe that the Earth revolves around the Sun.Sir Arthur Conan Doyle killed Holmes’ character in ‘The Final Problem’ so that might devote more time to his historical novels. However, due to public demand, he brought Homes for you to life in ‘The Adventure of the Empty House’ a couple of years later.

Frank and Joe Hardy are two exceptional teenage brothers who have been solving crime since 1927. Their father is also a detective who often gets a little help from the boys at solving some cases, while their mother is really a librarian who worries about her husband and their two children who keep getting in and out of dangerous predicaments. However often seen connected to action-filled, thrilling travels. Their bravery in the face of impending danger and a keen eye captivated the minds of their young readers.

These two extraordinary boys have solved many crimes pertaining to example auto theft, murder, drug peddling, kidnapping, smuggling, medical malpractice, espionage, etc., with traveled to different parts of the country and the international.Nancy Drew is a 16-year-old high school graduate living with her father and their housekeeper Hannah Gruen, in the fictional town called River Heights. She’s a supergirl, who not only attends school, but studies psychology, speaks French, run(s) a motor boat, swims, cooks, plays bridge, tennis, golf, etc. Nancy, like the Hardy boys, comes from a well-to-do family and she is often seen traveling the country and around the world, solving crime. Nancy is often came with her two closest friends George Fayne and Bess Marvin, and at times her boyfriend Ned Nickerson, in her wild mystery tracks.